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Gas Hob Black Ceramic Gas Quattro ADCGCH60MBK1D

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  • Our sleek gas-on-glass hobs now feature smart square-design pan supports that not only look good, but provide more stable support for pots and pans. Cleverly designed to give the impression of a stylish elongated support, they are in fact separate pieces, which makes them very easy to handle and clean.
  • All gas hobs feature automatic ignition for one-touch control. Saving the consumption of the gas meanwhile keeping users away from danger. Integrated into the knobs, electronic ignition is achieved via the control dials – simply push and turn, no need to press separate ignition buttons.
  • High-quality knobs with high heat resistance and durability. And a part of knobs complement the design of our range of ovens so that you can perfectly harmonize your kitchen.

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Built-in Gas Hobs

  • Balck Ceramic Gas Cooktop
  • Four Burners
  • NG, LPG
  • Cast Iron Pan support
  • Automatic Ignition( One Hand)
  • Flame Failure Device
  • CE certification

Technical Information

  • Energy efficiency for the gas hob: 55.6% (SABAF)
  • 220-240V 50-60Hz 2W
  • Total heat input: 8.1 kw (Sabaf)
  • Burner: Sabaf
  • Automatic Ignition( One Hand)
  • Flame Failure Device
  • width*depth :600*510
  • Installation Size:553*473
  • Pan support:Cast Iron
  • Knob Material: Plastic/Metal
  • Top plate:Black Tempered Glass
  • Gas type:LPG or NG
  • CE certification
  • Triple ring/Wok burner : 3.6kw (Sabaf) x1
  • Semi-rapid Burner: 1.75kw x 2
  • Auxiliary Burner: 1.0kw x 1


  • Packaging dimension(mm):647 (W)*553(H)*163 (D)
  • Container loading: 518/1050/1200PCS
  • Gross weight (kg): TBD
  • Net weight(kg): TBD


60x60CM Ceramic Gas Hob, Energy efficiency for the gas hob: 55.6% (SABAF)220-240V 50-60Hz 2W, Total heat input: 8.1 kw (Sabaf), Burner: Sabaf, Automatic Ignition( One Hand), Flame Failure Device, width*depth :600*510, Installation Size:553*473, Pan support:Cast Iron, Knob Material: Plastic/Metal, Top plate:Black Tempered Glass, Gas type:LPG or NG, CE certification, Triple ring/Wok burner : 3.6kw (Sabaf) x1, Semi-rapid Burner: 1.75kw x 2, Auxiliary Burner: 1.0kw x 1.

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